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A Tribute in supporting the Life Saving COVID Warriors

As our Doctors, Nurses and Medical Staff continue to selflessly work around the clock to provide care to the people, we have been overwhelmed by the support from the Scouting and Guiding fraternity by helping them and supporting them continuously.

Your messages of support and gratitude have, now more than ever, been especially motivating. If you'd like to share a story of compassionate care or just express your appreciation, please feel free to fill out the form below by clicking the Add Tribute. It brightens the day of the Medical staff to know the Scouting and Guiding community is behind them in this time of crisis.


  • my tribytes to all covid warriors who sacrifies their lives to save people



  • i thanks to all the peoples who are working against virus and helping people to survive and give all kind of services those are essential to livelihood and medical helps we need to protect our self and save our community 👍👍👌👌❤❤❤❣❣

    malout, punjab

    sandeep kumar

  • My Hearty salute to all members of health department and police department. All great people who are looking for cleanliness



  • Me and my scout Group Helps 150 family's with food packets in the pandemic situation .
    Not only that but also we sanitize govt.proparties like post offices and distribute free masks .

    Kolkata , West Bengal

    Deepayan Saha

  • I salute all comments covid-19 warriors.♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

    Kolkata, West Bengal

    Agni Ghosh

  • I salute all COVID-19 warriors
    Doctor,police, sweeper and cleaner man etc.......🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    Krishna Kumar

  • Thank you dear Doctors, nurses and other health workers.
    A big salute..
    You sacrifice your lives for the sake of the patients...
    You all are the heart and soul for the war against covid-19.
    Thank you for being the guide light for our nation ..
    You all are the real heroes .
    Together we can....

    Kozhikode, Kerala

    Vani Lakshmi. K

  • Thank you very much for saving our life's. We will be always grateful to you. God creates life's and doctors saves life's. So you are nothing less than god's . Jai hindh🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Arakkonam, Tamilnadu


  • Salute ❤️🇮🇳🙏

    Jodhpur Rajasthan

    Puneet K Gujar

  • To all the healthcare workers that selflessly give of themselves day after day…THANK YOU!

    Kozhikode, Kerala

    305th Kozhikode Open Scout Group

  • In India approximately we have 11 million coronavirus warriors. I congratulate them and thank them. Thanks to all healthcare workers on the front line who are risking their health for patients of coronavirus.



  • I salute to our Covid warriors ⚜️🕊⚜️🕊⚜️


    SHIVANI Gupta

  • जो परवाह न करते खुद की,
    हमारी परवाह करते हैं,
    उनके लिए दुआ दिल से की,
    और सलाम करते हैं।।

    Bagasara Gujarat

    DEEPA Gohil

  • sung heroes of the nation are being thanked in different ways. These coronavirus helpers have been working since the Covid-19 outbroke. When everybody is sitting home, the delivery boys, the policemen, the doctors, nurses, etc are working in order to contain the Coronavirus. Thanks to all.

    Lucknow, Northern Railway

    Nishant Kumar

  • Salute to all covid warriors . 🙏🙏 they all are keep their lives in risk to save our lives. I pray to god that May god give them strength to fight against covid-19 ..


    Pushprajsinhji Gohil

  • Risking your life

    Saving others life

    A big Salute



  • Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can cure Patients
    The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
    People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness they still remain in hisdebt

    Sattenapalli,andhra pradesh

    Vedadri sai .k

  • Our Corona warriors are working day and night selflessly without even thinking about their families, just to serve our nation and treat the patients.
    A big salute to all the corona warriors..
    We pray for you and your families..🙏🙏
    Once again a very big salute to all the corona warriors..
    Jai Hind..


    Veda Hegde

  • My Tribute is a Corona fighters thanks you my All Corona fighters and our Life serving are very important so please all my Corona fighters please take care life is a very important but world Corona fighters pesent is very important things so thanks again for saving our Life and everyday your fi

    Chhattisgarh kabirdham pandariya

    Anupa anchal

  • This time is a very difficult and this time sefftey very important all world fight against Corona our doctor nurse police man and our scouting guide and any others filled they're always helps use so thanks and please take care my all Corona fighters and this time life very important not a money

    Chhattisgarh kabirdham pandariya

    Anupa anchal

  • There are health workers, police officers, and many other professionals on the front lines. They are living proof that real life superheroes don't wear capes. Today, I salute all my brothers and sisters, all across the globe, on the frontlines who are relentlessly putting their lives at stake to safe


    Shabahat Raza

  • Life is a very important so please take care and fight against Corona our doctor and nurse police and any others filled are very important of our Life servings our Life and they work day and night so thanks all of u please stay home and save our Life and save our family friends and society social

    Chhattisgarh pandariya kabirdham

    Anupa anchal

  • A big salute to our Doctors,Nurses, Health workers, & Medical staffs For
    the big opportunityy works to our locality & society

    I heartily thanks to our doctor nurse medical staff because they are ready to any time to help our society and locality



  • Yes.We definitively appreciate and gratitude to Covid Warriors
    Our duty is to protect this environment and animals
    Please all stay home Stay safe and Stay blessed with happiness
    Namaskara 🙏🙏🙏
    From Malesh K

    Nagaramunnoli Chikodi Belagavi Karnataka

    Malappa Khaggannavar

  • Yes



  • No



  • Really I saw the unity among , the people, the real heros are joined their hands by showing that its not my life its our life to save India..... I really showing my soulfull...... salute to the real heros



  • A big heartfelt thanks to all health heroes serving in this weird world war...we all family members salute you all for what you have done for us...
    Salute front line heroes🙏🙏

    Himachal Pradesh

    Neeraj Manhas

  • Thank you all covid warriors 🙏
    God bless you with good health 🙏🙏

    Udupi, Karnataka

    Sinchana M Bhat

  • Thank for all covid warriors ⚜️🏨👩‍⚕️👩‍🔬🏥🏪👮⚜️

    bangaluru rural district

    Lokesh RM

  • ⚜️I bravery salute to all covid warriors for risking there life for the sake of people.

    bangaluru rural district

    Lokesh RM

  • सभी कोविड वारियर्स को शत शत नमन


    Rathnamma srinivasu

  • सभी कोविड वारियर्स को शत शत नमन



  • A heartfelt and a very sincere thanks to all the front line workers from the doctors, nurse, the police and all the people who are giving so many efforts to keep us safe in this pandemic. Hatss of and lots of respect!!


    Rajendrakumar Rane

  • The frontline warriors of covid19 which is every human out there to help us 24/7. Can't thank enough to them atleast in this life. I respect each & everyone out there. I pray they get everything in this world.🙏

    New delhi, Delhi

    Kangna Gothwal

  • My heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses and sanitation workers who have rendered their valuable service to us (COVID -19) in such difficult circumstances...JAI HIND...JAI BHARAT... P. SAI NIRANJAN ALT(S), Singareni District Association, Telangana.

    Singareni Collieries District Association, Kothagudem


  • Hats off and a sincere thanks to all the frontline workers who are so dedicated And working hard to safe life while at the same time putting their own lives at risk during this pandemic that is affecting our entire world.

    You are all doing an amazing job and it should not go unnoticed. You ROCK.

    Belize City, Belize

    Hilberto B. Riverol

  • Thank you all covid warriors, doctors,nurses,medical stuff, police personal who sacrifice themselves for us ...... GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🙏. . .
    JAI HIND 🇮🇳

    Guwahati , Assam

    Hritwik Sandilya

  • We all know that sacrificing is the biggest good deed one can do to others,all the frontline warriors who're ready to sacrifice themselves for the country must have our gratitude towards them . Recognising them and paying tribute to them is the smallest kind gesture. Jai hind!

    Chennai, tamilnadu

    K v Deepak Kumar

  • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving on the frontline of this pandemic. Nurses, physicians, cafeteria workers, respiratory therapists, and housekeepers are the heart and soul of the war against COVID-19."

    Thiruvananthapuram, KERALA

    Jayasankar J

  • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving on the frontline of this pandemic. Nurses, physicians, cafeteria workers, respiratory therapists, and housekeepers are the heart and soul of the war against COVID-19."


    Jayasankar J

  • Hats off to all Doctors & Nursing staff Who treated others even while not thinking about their family and keeping themselves healthy too
    & I m proud to be a Sister of a Dr.

    Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Simran Sheikh

  • Sabhi ko dil se bhav prad sradhanjali jay hind

    Robertsganj sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh

    Shubham Kumar Soni

  • My heartfelt thanks to God i.e. doctors,nurses,anaganbari workers, teachers, each and every frontline covid warriors and who has been tremendously working day and night to tackle this pandemic.



  • It feels extremely beautiful to see you working tirelessly in the service of the nation. You deserve a big thank you!
    Salute your courage and energy . It Feels like God has taken avtar in form of CARONA warriors



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